three founding partners of ktk accountants in Papua New Guinea.

One Dream, Three Pioneers — United for a Lasting Legacy

In April 2013, we, Richard Kuna, Thomas Taberia, and Paul Kiruwi, envisioned a future where local talent in Papua New Guinea was nurtured and supported. We recognised the need for a locally owned mid-tier professional services firm that combined local context with global connections. With this in mind, we established KTK Accountants & Advisors.

Our years of experience working in international firms equipped us with the knowledge and expertise to offer high-quality services. We aimed to create an unrivalled firm backed by a team of highly experienced professionals who hold PNG at heart.

The first few months were challenging, and we had to work relentlessly to build our reputation. Despite the obstacles, we persevered, knowing our vision would eventually come to fruition. We invested long hours into projects, client meetings, and fostering relationships with local and international businesses.

Our dedication gradually paid off. As we attracted new clients and our reputation grew, the community began to recognise KTK as a firm committed to local talent and exceptional service.

Over the years, we expanded KTK’s services to include non-traditional accounting services like corporate finance, information technology advisory, forensics, and data analytics. We also embraced technology to streamline our processes and enhance our offerings. This includes our achievement as the first self-made Xero Gold Champion Partner.

Today, KTK stands as one of the most respected professional services firms in Papua New Guinea, with a team of over 50 dedicated professionals providing exceptional service to our clients. We have contributed to some of the country’s largest projects and supported numerous businesses in achieving growth and success.

As KTK’s founders, we take pride in what we have accomplished. We have created opportunities for local talent and built a firm respected both locally and internationally. While there is still much work ahead, we are confident that KTK will continue to thrive and leave a lasting legacy in Papua New Guinea for years to come.

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